The Shadows of the King – Part 1

Escaping from the Leads, a prison high up in the Doge’s Palace in Venice, and fleeing from the Venetian Inquisition, troubled adventurer Giacomo Casanova arrives in Paris on 5th January 1757, the day of Robert Damiens’ failed attempt to assassinate Louis XV.  To rebuild his fortunes, he accepts an invitation from an influential acquaintance to investigate who is behind the systematic destruction of a wealthy French businessman.  Along with an actress, a monk, his godson and the richest woman in France, Casanova finds himself embroiled in the affairs of Louis XV’s spymasters.

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Programme Notes

Programme Notes
Cast & The House of Bourbon
(7 pages)


(9 pages)

Chapter 1 The Southerner

Chapter 1
The Southerner
(14 pages)

Chapter 2 Stefano, Marie and Giuseppe

Chapter 2
Stefano, Marie & Giuseppe
(8 pages)

Chapter 3 The Recruit

Chapter 3
The Recruit
(15 pages)

Chapter 4 Place des Fleurs

Chapter 4
Place des Fleurs
(31 pages)

Chapter 5 Secrets

Chapter 5
(21 pages)

Chapter 6 Falling

Chapter 6
(17 pages)

Chapter 7 Spies

Chapter 7
(29 pages)

Chapter 8 Threads

Chapter 8
(17 pages)

Chapter 9 No Return

Chapter 9
No Return
(29 Pages)

Chapter 10 Sanctuary

Chapter 10
(18 pages)

Chapter 11 End Games

Chapter 11
End Games
(14 pages)

Chapter 12 The Damned

Chapter 12
The Damned
(19 pages)