Casanova’s Life and Times

Welcome to ‘Casanova’s Life and Times’, a range of articles (ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 words) written by Dave about Casanova and the world in which he lived, broken down into ‘Biographical’, ‘The Enlightenment’ and ‘Themes’. Those articles that focus on Casanova attempt to give factual information about him for those who are only aware of his reputation as a womaniser as well as some insight into how modern perceptions about  him have arisen. They also attempt to probe more deeply into those beliefs, values and concerns which underpinned the very rich and complex individual that he was, for example his attitude towards the Enlightenment, religion and the occult. The articles about eighteenth-century France and Europe attempt to relate Casanova to the context of his time both as far as key events are concerned, such as the Seven Years War, but also to broader issues such as government, gender roles, marriage and so forth.

Most articles are accompanied by a Pinterest board.   There is also a range of materials about the life and times of Casanova available on our blog.

We hope you enjoy reading them!



The Enlightenment: