The beginning

Here’s an extract from Dave’s article ‘The Early Life of Casanova’, one of the 27 articles on the site which are freely available to all.

“Giacomo Casanova was born in Venice, 2nd April, 1725.  Just over a year earlier, his then 16-year-old mother, Zanetta Farusi, had eloped with, and married, a penniless actor-dancer called Gaetan-Joseph-Jacques Casanova (her shoe-maker father subsequently dying of a broken heart).  According to the official family version handed down to him by his mother, Giacomo was the product of this union.  In reality, the origins of his paternity were somewhat less clear-cut: the beautiful Zanetta was known to have had various admirers.  Casanova himself referred to his father as ‘my mother’s husband’.  Zanetta went on to have six more children while simultaneously carving out for herself a very successful stage career. Shortly after his first birthday, the responsibility for looking after Giacomo was handed over to his maternal grandmother, Marzia, while, at the age of 26, Zanetta herself became a widow and the family’s sole breadwinner”.

‘Casanova in Paris: The Shadows of the King’ is now freely available here.

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