to the world of Giacomo Casanova, the world of an extraordinary life that was much more than the sexual exploits of film legend.  Casanova was a mathematician, linguist (he translated Homer’s ‘Iliad’), actor, fraudster, cleric, law graduate (aged 16), gambler, journalist, historian, philosopher, military officer, swordsman, professional violinist, dramatist, travel writer, food writer, royal pimp, freemason, diplomat, spy, fugitive, financier, silk manufacturer, occultist  and, in his last years, a librarian as well as being acquainted with royalty, popes, cardinals and the greatest intellectuals and artists of the day. 


 Casanova in Paris: The Shadows of the King – Part 1

Central to our site is a graphic novel, released in instalments.  If you wanted to put it into a box I suppose you could call it historical fiction (with a mix of murder, politics, religion, espionage, biography and romance).  Although the story is fictional, it’s placed within a framework and chronology of events that did exist.  Most of the characters were real people.  We’ve gone to reasonable lengths not to contradict what is known about Casanova and the history of the time although we have imagined some alternative possibilities.  The artwork, by the way, unusual in this age of graphic software, is pretty much all hand-drawn.

Casanova’s Life and Times

As well as the graphic novel, the site contains a wide range of articles about the life of Casanova himself and the social and political background of the period.   Each article will be linked to an accompanying Pinterest page.  6 of the articles (and all of the Pinterest pages) will be available to everyone.  The rest of the articles will be available via the members area.  We intend to add more of these articles and Pinterest pages over time.  Additional information and resources about Casanova and his times will be freely available on Google+.

In the long term 

Our idea is to build up both sides of the site.  Along with the graphic novel itself (Part 1 is 248 pages), we would like to tell other stand-alone stories, separate to the novel but linked to its various characters.  As far as the articles are concerned, needless to say the opportunities are unlimited.  Fingers crossed, we would like the site eventually to become a genuinely valuable resource for anyone interested in Casanova or the political and social history of eighteenth-century Europe. 

The joy of developing a website such as this is the flexibility and creative independence it gives to us as well as the possibility, if the opportunity arises, to collaborate with other writers, artists and maybe even historians.

Your Support 

Our primary aim, of course, is to write and draw, tell stories and get an audience. If along the way we can generate a bit of income, in particular to cover the costs of the site, then that’s all very welcome.  The commercial model we are following is the busking-plus approach typical of a lot of small web enterprises. You’re very welcome to come and read the novel for free but if you wish to contribute and become a member (which, obviously, we would like you to) then, as a thank you for your contribution, we will give you one year full access to additional content in the members area.  We have included a link for Amazon Affiliates purchases which is a way of supporting us without any cost to yourself.  Apart from the Amazon Affiliates link the site is advertisement free.  We think it looks better that way. There is  a shop for those who may be interested in purchasing printed copies of the artwork.

If you have any friends or family who you think may be interested in Casanova, graphic novels, historical fiction or history it would be great if you could let them know about our site.  You can also follow us on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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