As well as dialogue, Dave’s scripts also include stage directions which Kev can follow, ignore or elaborate upon as is his whim.  Here are the directions for the second dream sequence from ‘Chapter 8 – No Return’.  Compare the script with Kev’s interpretation:

               Sequence opens in black and white.  Casanova asleep in bed, picking up from previous sequence.  Cup, bowl of water and flannel on small table nearby. Night-time.  Open window in background, maybe some hills/landscape in distance. Large, full-length, free-standing mirror by wall adjacent to window.
               Split panels of sun rising
              Window, sunlight streaming through it and off mirror, lighting up the top half of Casanova, still asleep in bed.
              Casanova, sitting up, shielding his eyes from the light.
              Close-up of Casanova
Casanova:                                Stefano! Stefano!
Second person:                       You’re alone.
              Casanova standing, holding on to the end of the bed to steady himself.  Door to room open.
Casanova:                                Giuseppe!
Second person:                       You’re no different to the rest of the world.
Second person:                       Everyone’s alone – whatever they may tell themselves.  Inhabiting their solitary island. 
              Casanova leaning on door knob.
Casanova:                                Giuseppe! Marie! Stefano!
Second person:                       That’s how things are.
Anon voice:                             Over here.
              Head and shoulders of Casanova turning to look behind him towards window, some of mirror visible.
              Perspective, as though from Casanova, towards window (and mirror).
Anon voice:                             Over here.
             Perspective of audience looking directly up at Casanova who is at the window looking down directly at the viewer, both of his hands are placed on the window ledge.
             Switch to colour or combined colour-b/w – signifying we’re in a dream.  Close-up of two hands (the Southerner’s) grasping Casanova’s.  Casanova looking down at the hands (or, alternatively, with look of horror in his face).
            Whole page.  Overhead looking straight down.  Use of extreme foreshortening as we see the Southerner trying to pull Casanova downwards towards hell below him, demons likewise pulling on the Southerner’s feet and legs.
            Southerner has released his grip, falling backwards, maybe surrounded by demons, tarot cards, the Doge, various references to previous dream, his mother in bed with stranger, the tree and other elements of the novel.  Maybe using split, jigsawy panels turning at different angles which themselves give the impression of falling.
           Perspective from over the shoulder of Casanova looking down towards the giant face of the demon, maybe some remnants of previous panel in view below him, eg the falling Southerner.
          Face splinters like a mirror. 
Second person:                       It’ll be your turn soon enough.
          High diagonal perspective looking downwards from across the room.  Casanova lying on floor unconscious, some cuts and evidence of blood, with shards of glass all around him.  Free-standing mirror tipped over onto floor nearby.

‘Casanova in Paris: The Shadows of the King’ is now freely available here.

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